Personal Work

Cleric – Part I – Portrait

It’s been a while since my Knight that I did something in the fantasy genre, so I wanted to revisit one of my old characters that I felt never quite lived up to her potential. My Cleric got the full remaster treatment. So far it’s just the portrait, the rest will follow in a future post.

December Knight – Part V – High Poly Renders

A closer look at the high poly stage, the armour design and all the FACs expressions. All renders are done in Keyshot.

December Knight – Part IV – Contraposto

The fourth image of my December Knight Series.
This image is a classic contraposto pose intended to be made into a 3Dprinted statue.
Thanks to Patricia Rodríguez Torroba for printing my ZTL on her Anycubic Photon S printer.
And thanks to Andrius Drevinskas for taking the amazing pictures.

December Knight – Part III – Traveler

The third image of my December Knight Series.
In the form of a video tutorial I’m sharing my relighting workflow.
It explains how you can composite in photoshop to quickly itterate and create different variants, drasticly changing the mood of your image.

December Knight – Part II – Contemplation

The second image of my December Knight Series.
During my work I listen to a lot of soundtracks. This image is inspired by the cover of the OST for Netflix’s the King. An alternate version shows him with the hood up.

December Knight – Part I – Gargoyle

The first image of my December Knight Series.
The model is based on concept made during my high school years.
I wanted to give it a fresh 2020 look, and took it all the way from concept to fully rigged character.
In this first image I tried to recreate the original piece as faithfully as possible to measure how far I’ve come as an artist.

My December Knight has the honour of gracing the cover of 3Dworld Issue 270. This issue contains both a written and video tutorial.

Asian Mage | Cinematic Model

Graduation Project Cinematic Character © 2010 Arno Schmitz.

Asian Mage | Real-time Model

Graduation Project Cinematic Character © 2010 Arno Schmitz.

Female Cleric

First Post-Graduation Project Cinematic Character © 2013 Arno Schmitz

Metroid Tribute

This metroid tribute was done as part of the hard surface character modelling course taught by Josh Herman. By Arno Schmitz, 2013.